We are pleased to showcase the twin drum ambient spiral coolers we installed for a major national bakery.

The spiral coolers were designed and manufactured by our expert design and production team, with the installation being carried out by our engineers.

The project scope for the major bakery also included the inbound and outbound conveyor systems, which were designed, manufactured and installed by ourselves.

Our twin drum ambient spiral coolers give a 40-minute dwell time allowing baked goods to be cooled before packing, enabling large amounts of baked products to be cooled at once. 

Our solution ensures the clients’ goods are cooled efficiently, maintaining quality and the twin drum design improves capacity and product turnaround time.

Dave Stevenson, Project Manager and Engineering Consultant to the food industry, said, “ Aqualine by Alway… this is a one stop, guaranteed hygienically designed set of products, which surpasses the increasingly challenging technical standards required in the food industry for drains, walls, floors and protection. I have used several elements of the package previously and benefited from the technical improvements made, and recently used the whole system in a north of England major food supplier expansion project. I would highly recommend sharing the systems with any food industry technical department” great work! “